Things you should know about our values

Our employees at LYNDDAHL are focused on what our customers see and are looking for. We recognise that we often need to act quickly and effectively, to help our customers to act quickly and effectively. We want to live up to this requirement.


LYNDDAHL is focused on reliability. We do what we say and we say what we do. Our customers find us to be an honest partner who acts with respect.



LYNDDAHL takes overall responsibility for what we say and what we do. We are proud to be a part of the wise decisions that are made by our customers, as well as those we make ourselves. We take our share of responsibility for any less fortunate decisions 


Business acumen

Employees are focused on good business for our customers and for LYNDDAHL. It makes good sense to have common interests towards common goals


Trust and respect
Employees and LYNDDAHL have a mutual respect for and confidence in each other. Partnerships are characterised by enthusiasm for our profession and in providing the best solution for the situation.


LYNDDAHL challenges itself and its employees so as to create new and even better solutions. The goal is to deliver the right know-how and solutions that satisfy customers' needs and requirements. 


Everything that is made by LYNDDAHL is the end result of resolute focus on high quality and safety.


Rasmus Lynddahl                      
T: +45 7688 1026