Things you should know about LYNDDAHL and the ENVIRONMENT


LYNDDAHL is an environmentally conscious company that is constantly striving to protect and improve the environment, for the benefit of both the individual and of nature.

LYNDDAHL is committed ...


  • to ensure that all methods and products are developed, produced and distributed with the least possible environmental impact and consumption of resources.
  • to inform, motivate and train employees who are environmentally responsible.
  • to ensure that the techniques that are used throughout the process have the least possible environmental impact.
  • to work continuously with the prevention of pollution, and setting new goals for the minimisation of waste and energy consumption.
  • to comply with applicable legislation, regulatory requirements and other provisions to which the company is affiliated.
  • to ensure the greatest possible recycling of excess plastic material from production.

Everything that is made by LYNDDAHL is the end result of resolute focus on high quality and safety.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about LYNDDAHL and the environment.



Johnnie V. Knap 
T: +45 7688 1025