Things you should know about QUALITY

LYNDDAHL is resolute in its focus on high quality, safety and sustainability. 

Work, methods and solutions are certified in accordance with all applicable standards and requirements, in order to ensure consistently high quality in all work processes and complete solutions.



LYNDDAHL delivers the highest quality in its partnerships with customers and authorities, and is resolutely focused on the fulfilment of all requests and requirements for documentation.

The quality of LYNDDAHL is assured by a separate department which implements systematic checks on all products and workflows. Our testing and quality assurance involves means such as: pressure testing, impact testing, profile projection, tensile testing and hardness measurements.

Everything that is made by LYNDDAHL is the end result of resolute focus on high quality and safety.


Brian Bundgaard        
Quality Manager
T: +45 7542 2066



Inga Nielsen        
QHSE Manager
T: +45 7542 2066
D: +45 3076 5104



Jakob Bonde Christensen        
QMS Manager
T: +45 7542 2066
D: +45 4232 4139



Henrik Lund        
Quality Supervisor
T: +45 7542 2066