LYNDDAHL develops, designs, extrudes, stocks and supplies reinforced and non-reinforced hoses for garden purposes.


There are plenty of questions that need to be answered before you can make the important decision about the right hose for your requirements. LYNDDAHL asks questions and provides answers. The first question is; for what application is the hose going to be used?


At LYNDDAHL, you will meet professionals who have the know-how and experience that you need in the manufacture of high quality customer-specific products.


LYNDDAHL delivers:


  • Things you should KNOW about raw materials and their potential
  • Extensive EXPERIENCE in the development process; from idea to finished solution
  • Adequate and sufficient RESOURCES, people, and machines
  • Well-tested METHODS to ensure the desired quality


LYNDDAHL delivers:


  • Reinforced and non-reinforced hoses for enthusiasts and professional gardeners, market gardens, agriculture etc. 


All hoses from LYNDDAHL are the end result of resolute focus on high quality and safety.


Our own development and design department
LYNDDAHL offers its own development department for the design and production of tools for the manufacture of all types of hoses.


Own department for final finishing
LYNDDAHL offers a special department for manual and fully automatic further processing, cutting, packing, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about garden hoses.



Carsten Julius
Head of Production & Product Development
T: +45 7688 1022